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a CEO walks into his office “any messages?” he asks his assistant
“two anons want to know who tom petty is and one just says ‘post your ballsack’”
“got it. check my dashboard”
“that skeleton gif you like is back again”
he rubs his chin pensively “mm. reblog that”

by anna m.

i dont care what you say there is nothing more stressful than wanting to have a conversation with someone but having absolutely NOTHING to say

A quickie i did the other day.

I won’t rely on anyone anymore.

How to Upset an INFJ

Things you should probably avoid doing to your INFJ if you want to stay on their good side…

  • Treat us or anyone else with disrespect or lack or morality
    Treating someone with lack of respect is a very effective way of angering or upsetting an INFJ as we believe in equality, morality kindness, fairness and justice. If we see anyone being treated poorly, we feel practically obligated to step in and defend them. Seeing you treat someone this way will definitely make us think less of you.

  • Disrespect Our Boundaries
    Now this one is quite obvious as this generally applies to all people, regardless of personality type. INFJ’s are greatly affected by this, however, due to their highly sensitive personality, and again, strong morals and values. We take our boundaries very seriously, and when they are disregarded it can leave us feeling very hurt, disrespected, annoyed, and definitely angry. It will lead us to the conclusion that you couldn’t care less about our ideals and that you are ignorant to social cues and humility.

  • Treat Us Like We’re Stupid
    Yes, INFJ’s are a feeling type and we make our decisions based on our emotions, however, this does not make us completely illogical, illiterate and inarticulate. Yes, thinking types, I’m mostly looking at you. Just as thinking types feel emotion, yes, feeling types also have brains. You are not the only ones. We tend to be intelligent individuals and just because we aren’t interested in the things you are does not mean we don’t understand. 

  • Dismiss Our Attempts At Helping You
    One of the tell tale signs of an INFJ is the irresistible urge to help those in need, especially those close to us. Being incredibly sensitive and in tune to other people’s emotions allows to empathize with you, while our intuition allows us to read the situation and make judgement based upon what we see, so don’t be surprised to feel like you’re in a therapy session after you tell us about your problems. Comforting and aiding others is one of our specialties, and we take it to heart when we are denied. All we want to do is help you out and we find it offensive if we are pushed away.

  • Start Stupid Arguments With Us.
    INFJ’s are incredibly, incredibly sensitive to conflict so we try to avoid it as much as possible, but if our opinions or ideals are directly insulted, we will most definitely fight back. INFJ’s have an amazing intuition that allows us to see scenarios and conflicts from different points of view, allowing us to understand where each person involved is coming from. This means that yes, we do know what you are trying to say, but that doesn’t mean we agree.

  • Criticize Us
    While some people love to hear other peoples opinions and yearn to hear what they could improve on,  INFJ’s cannot handle criticism. We take anything even mildly hurtful to heart, and while we know that sometimes it can be a bit ridiculous, we really cannot help it. While we are perfectionists and want to be the best people we can be, if you find something in your INFJ that you think needs addressing, try and word it in the kindest way possible. Be careful, even with jokes.

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play nice, play fair, have fun


there  is  no  need  to  be  upset

astrophotography by matt payne in coloardo and oregon. the panoramas seen here are created by stitching up to twenty photos together. (see also: previous astrophotography)

Dating INFJ ::

INFJs are, by definition, rare, reserved, and unlikely to initiate anything, which means that many of them can end up alone and misunderstood. To help with things, I’ve compiled a list of points which I think would be of great use to anyone considering dating someone who identifies as an INFJ

For most INFJs, omitting or distorting information is equivalent to lying, and at the very least will rouse their suspicion. INFJs have an acute sensitivity for stories which don’t quite fit. And feel guilty themselves for even hiding a slightest detail from their mate.

INFJs are adept at nonverbal communication (eye gaze, touching, body language, etc.). Just because they’re not speaking doesn’t mean they’re not saying something.

INFJs have an extremely complex internal value system. An INFJ will see if you ‘fit’ into their world, and they’ll bend their own rules if they really like you. INFJs tend to have very high standards, but are also very accepting once they trust you and know you’re safe.

INFJs can be pretty intense emotionally. This isn’t to say that they can get into a heated argument, in fact INFJs avoid conflict, however they are easily hurt and feel very deeply. It’s not uncommon for INFJs to cry if they feel something very deeply.

INFJs are typically better in writing than in verbal communication. If you want to know an INFJ’s true feelings, ask them to write out what they think and feel.

INFJs don’t typically engage in casual relationships. INFJs consciously choose the people that are close to them. They would rather have a few very close friendships as opposed to numerous superficial ones.

They open up at a dinosauric pace. They typically hold themselves back and consider that behaviour to be part of their nature. They’ve been described as having ‘layers’ which only a select few people are privy to, the closer the layer to their heart, the fewer people are granted access. Do not expect to find yourself in the ‘top tier’ overnight. It often takes months or years to access the deepest recesses.

INFJs, like other idealists, love harmony. They do not appreciate the unneeded creation of conflict. An INFJ will strive for harmony.

 INFJs are future-oriented and have powerful imaginations and superb insight. They like to dream and make plans for future, even if its to happen years away or they don’t come true at all. Planning makes them feel protected.

INFJs love to please their partner, and will work on an issue if presented in the right way. When to be blunt with an INFJ: never. Be honest and direct, but there’s a fine line between direct and insensitive.

They need patience with their moods and emotions but they give patience in return.

They’re curious about other people. To their friends, they are very accepting. However, the closer one gets to an INFJ’s heart, the more their standards will apply to the other person, which can sometimes create issues.

They often have darker periods where they close up. They can become monk-like and reclusive. It doesn’t mean they don’t like you, it just means they need to recharge.

They can be stubborn once they believe they’re in the right, especially if it has to do with their values.

INFJs hardly ever initiate anything. They like it when the other person initiates a conversation, contact, etc. They like to be needed and hate to be clingy.

INFJs need 2 things to thrive: trust and safety. Trusting you is about knowing that you’re ethically and morally upstanding (or at least in accordance with their values), and feeling safe is knowing that you’ll stick by them. INFJs don’t want to open up to people who might disappear overnight. If an INFJ feels they can trust you and feels safe with you, they’ll be very happy. 

Their energy drains when around others. They will need time alone to ‘feel like themselves’.

Your energy will easily affect them. If you seem unstable, etc., it will seep into them and poison them. It has often been said that an INFJ’s partner has to be strong, and this is generally true.

INFJs live in a world of fantasy. They can have problems consolidating their idealism with the reality of the world.

adult: wow teen is frowning !!! must have attitude !!!!! moody !!!!!!