Two sides of the same coin


o1.Zelda’s Lullaby-The Legend of Zelda Series Super Best | o2.Gate of Time-Skyward Sword | o3.I love you (acoustic)-Woodkid | o4.After All-Cardigans | o5.A Thousand Years (Part 2)-Christina Perri | o6.Sie sieht mich nicht-Xavier Naidoo | o7.Wasteland-Woodkid | o8.Love to a Monster-Okkervil River | o9.Cosmic Love-Florence and the Machine | 1o.No Harm-Boxer Rebellion | 11.Maria-Subway to Sally | 12.Tyrann-Schandmaul | 13.Broken Crown-Mumford&Sons | 14.Seven Devils-Florence and the Machine | 15.Landfill-Daughter | 16.Lover’s Mask-Theophany | 17.Fi’s Gratitude-Skyward Sword | 18.You’re the storm-The Cardigans | 19.A King and a Queen-Okkervil River | 2o.Pitter Patter goes my heart-Broken Social Scene

A while ago I wanted to make something like that for my ZelGan buddies, but reallife was in the way until now. Especially for all the lovely people I tagged here, and also everyone who likes this pairing. I would have never thought that I would get to know such lovely people who are either amazing friends or inspiring people, or even both, just because of something I ship. I LOVE YOOOOUUUUU

Also, have a download link to my clumsily translated German lyrics

Hi all! I’d like to celebrate the Pokemon Gen 3 remakes by going all-out with an art contest AND a giveaway. Both of these events will have 15 winners each! Prizes include plushies, free art, and multiple chances to win a copy of the upcoming Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire games. Hit the readmore to learn how to enter!

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i just asked my girlfriend ‘what if swablu was green’ and she goes ‘swagreen’

Cosmic Love -- Florence And The Machine
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Florence + The Machine // Cosmic Love

old married couple ! bamon

Vicious Circle by *Ponthion

I'm at the top of the league! I'll show you that
it means that I'm the strongest in the world !!

a japanese teenager sits his parents down

"mom dad, im gay"

"but son how do you know? are you in love?"

the son shakes his head as a tear rolls down his face. he lifts his hands from his lap. they are bigger than his face. his mother begins to weep

he has yaoi hands.

(「・ω・)「 here’s some shinies up for grabs for you, my friends!

since the announcement of an american diancie event, i thought it would be cool to giveaway this shiny little carbink to celebrate it! you can have little part of that diamond princess’ kingdom to party with! 

and because i postponed my last shiny giveaway, i’m adding the shiny roselia as a bonus addition in apology! 

two whole shiny for the price of one shiny: and that’s the great price of free!

∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

as per usual there is a bonus to this giveaway if you happen to be following me. this time i’m throwing in a bonus ~mystery shiny~! so ~mysterious~

(۞ ͜ʖ ۞)

reblog between now and october 3rd, and single winner will be drawn on october 4th!

thanks for hanging around, friends!

♥_(•́ ω •̀」∠)_ ₎₎

as usual- play nice, play fair, have fun!


there  is  no  need  to  be  upset

did he give her 2 thumbs up?


christ putin

no but my fave part of this is the writing on her back says “go sit on a dick Putin”

i really like drawing sonic as an actual hedgehog i keep doing it at school im not even into the sonic franchise i just love to draw blue little hedgie having to go fast

Read more about my thoughts and questions on this condition here

Black Widow -- Iggy Azalea
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